LMH Engineering Ltd. environmental management policies ensure that all works on site are carried out in a manner that will not adversely affect the environment.  The system outlines specific controls that site Management will implement to ensure that all environmental measures are enforced.

Control measures include the provision of waste management, hazardous substances, control for noise, dust and regular to ensure same.

Environmental Management System

The Environmental Management System sets out the system utilised by LMH Engineering Ltd. to manage the environmental aspects of its operations.  It outlines the following:

  • The company environmental policy.
  • Management organisational structure.
  • Environmental duties and responsibilities of company employees
  • Procedures to be followed to implement the EMS.

Waste management set up & general procedures

  • LMH Engineering Ltd. with provide a dedicated area for waste handling and segregation.
  • Construction waste will be brought to the waste compound for sorting and segregation into designated skips for off site recycling or disposal.
  • Skips / Bins shall be distributed around the site for the collection of rubbish and non bulk type waste for transfer to the waste compound.

LMH Site Foreman environmental duties

  • Oversee all waste handling operations.
  • Ensure that compound is kept tidy and in good appearance at all times.
  • Order and change skips as required.

Hazardous substances

During the works there will be a requirement for the use of hazardous substances including:

  • Fuel oil, Diesel, Petrol, Paints.
  • Hazardous materials shall be kept in a lockable stores at LMH Site Compound.  Spill kits shall also be kept at these locations.
  • Any hazardous materials must be returned to the stores at the end of each day and not left on site.
  • Fuel will be stored in bundled areas and shall be stored well away from any water discharge point or where not possible the discharged point will be adequately protected to prevent spills from entering.
  • Generators or similar shall be placed on impervious drip trays to capture minor spills and leaks and located at least 10m from any water discharge point.
  • Fuels, lubricants and hydraulic fluids for equipment used on site shall be carefully handled to avoid spillage, properly secured against unauthorised access and provided with spill containment.  Fuelling and lubrication of equipment shall not be carried out in the vicinity of water discharge points.

LMH Engineering Ltd. waste & recycling targets

  • 100% recycling of surplus steel.
  • No contamination of skips.
  • Achieve zero incidents of contamination to ground water from works.

Environmental auditing and monitoring

Regular audits of the Environmental conditions and the Environmental Management System are carried out to ensure that LMH Engineering Ltd. is compliant with all legislation and is of the highest Environmental standards.

These audits ensure that the Environmental systems of works is being completed adequately and in a professional manner.

LMH Engineering Ltd. sustainability awards

Sustainability Contractor of the Month in the Data Centre sector. LMH Engineering Ltd. has won on multiple occasions across multiple European locations this award.