Image of Lycia Scan

LMH Engineering Ltd can provide its Clients with site surveys if requested.

This is done with a range of tools, the most common of which is on site scanning via point cloud.

This system allows site data be captured in point cloud which in turn means that it can be given to the Design Team who can export same from Cyclone to an workable CAD based model to be used on the software platform upon which the work is to be carried out.

This process maximises information on site allowing the teams to interact and brainstorm during the design development stage to ensure all tolerances are achieved, eliminating re-work, and allows the manufacture of modularised components with confidence which in turn can save time and maximise the quality of the finished product for the client.

As built Site Scanning/Model Check

LMH Engineering after installation, can provide Clients with on-site scanning to generate As built models of collected live data after works are complete. This allows the federated model be updated accordingly.

This then can be passed onto the client to ensure that the data on screen of exact positions in the field for future works.