Image of Man Welding

By combining highly skilled craftsmen and state of the art machinery and inventory control we optimise output to a leading NSAI and CE standard.

Production Capabilities

• Full material processing. Analysed in the design at process state prior to workshop production.
• All weld specs checked on designs and fed down to workshop floor
• All welds are certified and we perform full weld inspections
• LMH operate state of the art machinery including drill lines & plasma cutters
• We allocate personnel to perform quick turnaround work on a daily basis to ensure we can react to urgent jobs
• We are in constant communication with suppliers are manage inventory efficiently and effectively

Certificate of conformity

We at LMH Engineering Ltd. take our Factory production control extremely serious to ensure that all our products meet a leading standard.
LMH Engineering Ltd. is accredited to EN 1090, where all fabricated components go through a stringent check before being dispatched to site.

Welding Certifications

LMH Engineering Ltd. is NSAI Accredited and carry’s its own in house Welding Procedure Qualification.
WPQR 17655.01
Covers fillet welds 3mm to 12mm
WPQR 15381.01
Covers fillet welds 7.5mm to 30mm

WPQR 20039.01
Covers T-butt welds 7.5mm to 30mm
WPQR 20039.02
Covers butt welds 7.5mm to 30mm

These procedures are project specific and are policed by the Responsible Welding Coordinator on a weekly basis.